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Distance learning

Many Gypsy, Roma, Traveller (GRT) pupils, particularly those from the Showmen/Fairground community, travel for work purposes and may be absent for significant periods of the school year. For Showmen families, the travelling season usually starts around Easter and ends around November. This means that pupils from Showmen communities have limited time in school.

Pupils who are travelling for work purposes remain on the school's roll while they are away and it is the responsibility of the child's school to put together appropriate distance learning materials for them. Prepared in advance, these materials can include worksheets and online resources on the school's VLE or on other suitable websites.

Early communication and planning with the GRT pupil, parents and staff is vital before the travelling season begins in order for GRT pupils to have access to distance learning materials to help underpin their learning whilst travelling. Careful planning may also be needed to support their return back into school.

The DfE has said that "all children, regardless of circumstance or setting should receive a good education to enable them to shape their own futures." (Summary, 2013, p. 3)

We have produced two pieces of information and guidance about distance learning.

First, a set of PowerPoint slides which gives an overview of our Distance Learning Pack (DLP) guidance, looking at which pupils would benefit from a DLP, some key points around educational responsibilities, and pupil and parental engagement.

And secondly, our Distance Learning Pack guidance - with more detailed information.

The aim of this guidance is:

  • To provide information for schools and settings about distance learning for pupils across the key stages from EYFS to secondary education
  • To support education staff to provide a DLP which is of a consistently high standard, that is engaging, relevant and beneficial to the pupil's learning
  • To support schools to plan and provide a good quality DLP so that pupils still feel part of the school community while they are away, making their transition back to school that much easier once they return