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Support for GRT pupils in schools and settings

The Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT) team sits within the Inclusion and Opportunity Service and works to improve access to, and engagement and participation in, education of Gypsy Roma Traveller pupils. Our team members include the following.

Specialist GRT practitioner (SGRTP)

Specialist GRT practitioners (SGRTP) work with schools may take various forms including:

  • Support for individual GRT pupils who have missed significant periods of schooling to narrow the attainment gap
  • Bespoke transition and retention support for those pupils who may arrive mid-term or join school later than their peers, with a particular focus on pupils transferring from Year 6 to secondary school
  • Mentoring and well-being support for individual GRT pupils where there may be a specific issue that has arisen which has given cause for concern in school and is having an impact on the pupil's learning or engagement with school
  • SATs support in Year 6
  • Loan of culturally reflective resources to schools
  • Diagnostic assessments for learners with dyslexia

GRT adviser

GRT advisers work with schools to develop practice and provision for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils and their families at strategic and operational levels. This may include:

  • Training in raising cultural awareness, inclusion and achievement of GRT pupils
  • Advice and guidance to schools in narrowing achievement gaps and accelerating progress for GRT pupils
  • Review of progress and planning for next steps with school staff (headteacher, SENDCo, class teacher, head of year, parent support adviser), and GRT parents/pupils for those pupils receiving SGRTP support in school
  • Advice to schools about the English as an additional language (EAL) assessment framework for GRT pupils with EAL, which can be used to set appropriate EAL learning targets and monitor progress in language acquisition
  • Support with planning for transitions, with a particular focus on primary to secondary school
  • Advice on retention strategies for students in Key Stage 3
  • Support with cultural or school related issues that may arise for GRT pupils and their families
  • Supporting schools to develop links with GRT parents and community
  • Advice on distance learning materials and strategies to support those pupils who are travelling with their families for business purposes
  • Work with schools and settings to plan and deliver curriculum activities celebrating Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month (GRTHM)

GRT access and attendance officer

We work closely with GRT access and attendance officers in the Gypsy Roma Traveller Service (Community and Environmental Services).

An access and attendance officer can help with issues to do with admissions, attendance and transport to school which may include:

  • Outreach and in school support with admissions and attendance related issues
  • Home/school liaison between school and GRT families
  • Advice on the correct use of the T code and dual registration
  • Support with school transport

GRT Team

June Sewell, Head of Virtual School
Tel: 01603 682493

Hilary Heath, Lead GRT Adviser
Tel: 01603 495728

Caroline Henderson, Primary/Secondary GRT Adviser
Tel: 01603 303301

Raul Alvarez-Conte, Roma Adviser
Tel: 01603 307780

Karen Lynch, Specialist GRT Practitioner
Tel: 01603 223028

Rachel Yates, Specialist GRT Practitioner
Tel: 01553 669679

Shirley Blow, Access and Attendance Officer
Tel: 07795 301024

Cindy Campbell, Access and Attendance Officer
Tel: 07979 848168

General enquiries
Tel: 01603 303323