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Virtual School for Section 19

What does the virtual school for section 19 team do?

The virtual school for section 19 team arranges educational provision for those Norfolk pupils who are currently awaiting placement at the short stay school for norfolk (SSSfN) because they have either been permanently excluded, had contracts terminated from alternative provision (AP) or are children missing education (CME); for example, due to a move from another county or from abroad.

We also arrange provision for hard to place young people referred by the Fair Access Team, Year 11 CME's, those cases where home education has been disallowed and out of county looked after children (LAC) resident in Norfolk.

We do this through a multi-agency approach, working closely with our colleagues in other teams within the county council, health and colleagues in schools, colleges and AP to ensure the best planning and support for the children and young people we are working with.

Who can the virtual school for section 19 team support?

The virtual school for section 19 team can support children and young people from Reception to the end of Key Stage 4.

What are the virtual school for section 19 team's key responsibilities?

  • Arranging specifically tailored educational provision to meet individual needs pending future school placement
  • Working closely with the SSSfN Transition Manager to share information that ensures successful transitions into new school placements
  • Providing support, advice and guidance to parents and carers of our children and young people
  • Responsibility for safeguarding in accordance with current guidelines and regular welfare checks and monitoring
  • Arranging one to one tuition and online tuition
  • Provision of information advice and guidance about careers to year groups 10 and 11 and organisation of exam entries for Year 11's where required
  • Supporting EHCP co-ordinators by arranging tuition, provision of laptops etc for specific young people on their caseload

The responsibility of the virtual school for section 19 team ceases when a child or young person:

  • Secures a place at a commissioned provision
  • Moves out of county
  • Reaches the end of Key Stage 4
  • Is allocated a transition place - e.g. Reception to year one, KS2 to KS3
  • Has a permanent exclusion (PEX) withdrawn
  • Is on a pathway to specialist provision

Who is in the virtual school for section 19 team?

Jill Duman - Acting Head Virtual School for Section 19, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Tuition Lead

Jenni Lotarius - Lead Adviser for Yr9, Key Stage 4 and Careers Guidance

Michele Colasuono - Lead Adviser for Key Stage 1, 2, & 3 (Yr7 & Yr8 only)

Wendy Rudd - Project Manager

Lorraine Went - Welfare Co-ordinator

Annette Atkins - Business Support Assistant

Helen Peachey - Business Support Assistant

Contact us

You can contact the virtual school for section 19 team by email at