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Bullies and who is bullied

Who bullies

Both boys and girls bully others:

  • Boys are usually bullied by boys
  • Girls are bullied by both sexes
  • Bullies come from any social class or cultural background

Who is bullied

Anyone can be bullied. Sometimes children may be a target of bullying and a bully at the same time. There are no natural targets. Some children are bullied for no obvious reason. Others are bullied because they are different in some way. There are some groups that research suggests are more vulnerable than others:

  • Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Bullying based on their disability or learning difficulties
  • Children from minority ethnic communities. Bullying based on differences of race, colour, ethnicity, nationality, culture or language
  • Faith-based bullying. Bullying based on differences of religion
  • Sexual bullying. Bullying that has a specific sexual dimension or a sexual dynamic
  • Sexist bullying. Bullying based on sexist attitudes
  • Homophobic bullying. Bullying motivated by prejudice against lesbian, gay or bisexual people (LGB) or those perceived to be LGB 
  • Transphobic bullying. Stems from a hatred or fear of people who are transgender. Transgender is an umbrella term that describes people whose sense of their gender or gender identity is seen as being different to typical gender norms 
  • Looked After Children (LAC)