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Serious case reviews

NSCB multi-agency review case summaries

These are the NSCB multi-agency case review summaries. You'll find the key themes and practice implications in the following chapter.

Case D (MAR) - March 2011

D is a young child with profound disabilities. Despite his condition being recognised pre-birth and receiving services from a range health and social care professionals, he suffered significant neglect when living with his family.

Case E (MAR) - April 2011

When E was under the age of 15 it became known that E had suffered serious sexual abuse by step family members over several years. She also suffered from chronic neglect, physical and emotional abuse.

As a result of the abuse she had suffered, she became pregnant. The baby's father was a member of her extended family.

Case F (MAR) - July 2013

F did not attend school or receive suitable education until he came to the attention of local Health and Children’s Services. He was at an age when he had missed a number of years of statutory education.

Child F suffered significant neglect when living with his family and was placed in a specialist residential placement.

Case I (MAR) - August 2013

Child I was subjected to severe neglect while in her mother's care. The mother had history of self harm and depression.

The review considered the extent of the neglect and effectiveness of earlier CAF (early intervention). 

Case J (MAR) - April 2013

Child J was sexually abused by her older brother. She had made repeated disclosures at the age of 7 and 8.

Despite the efforts and the expressed concerns of many professionals, the Multi-Agency network failed to protect J from a repetition of sexual abuse by her sibling.

Case K (MAR) - July 2013

Child K was a 15-month-old baby who sustained life threatening injuries; his parents did not seek medical advice for almost 48 hours.

Father had a history of offending and family was known to multiple agencies.