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Summer Term 2021

As we know, all schools from the 8th March 2021 have been open for all pupils to attend and as of the 1 April 2021 all cohorts of children and young people including those previously instructed to shield are now advised to return to their school or other educational setting. 
School attendance is mandatory for all pupils and the DfE expects schools to work with families and the Local Authority to secure regular school attendance for all pupils in line with statutory requirements. 

The Attendance team continues to support all schools with this duty. The team will continue to offer all schools consultations with their designated Attendance and Entitlement Officer (AEO) regarding pupil specific concerns. Your AEO will already have been in contact to discuss frequency based on your settings need. It is important schools use this facility to talk about any pupil they are worried about including any child who is persistently absent and or has missed 10 consecutive days and unaware of the reason for the absence. As more schools come on board with the live data feed, we will be able to track this in partnership more efficiently.

We will continue to send weekly lists of children with a social worker to support schools practice in line with Keeping children safe in education. However, now that schools have fully reopened to all pupils, we will move away from a weekly collection of data to track the regular attendance of vulnerable pupils. We will instead collect data regarding those pupils open to a social worker who are persistently absent from 12 April 2021 at 4 points through the summer term as follows:


Date of data request

Period covered

4 May

12-30 April

28 May

12 April to 28 May

25 June

12 April to 25 June

16 July

12 April to 16 July


Attendance and Entitlement Officer (AEO) Allocations




Steven Beales


Claire Dutton

King’s Lynn and the West

Tracy Birkin

Norwich (clusters CG06 & CG09)

Angela St. Hill

Norwich (clusters CG04 & CG03)

Christina Holyoake


Nadine Emeny

Great Yarmouth

Teresa Crisp

North Norfolk

Stuart Dyer

South Norfolk