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Attendance news and updates

The Department of Education has re-published the School attendance guidance in August 2020 and have written an addendum to this guidance which replaces all temporary guidance documents on recording attendance during the outbreak. A quick guide - coronavirus absence from school is also available.

Action for all schools and local authorities

Communicate clear and consistent expectations around school attendance to families
Identify pupils who are reluctant or anxious about returning or who are at risk of disengagement and develop plans for re-engaging them
Put measures in place for those families who will need additional support to secure pupil’s regular attendance
Work closely with other professionals as appropriate to support the return to school, including continuing to notify the child’s social worker, if they have one, of non-attendance

Attendance expectation for academic year 2020-21

From the start of the Autumn Term 2020 pupil’s attendance will be mandatory and the usual rules on attendance will apply, including:
Parent’s duty to ensure that their child of compulsory school age attends regularly at the school where the child is a registered pupil
Schools to resume responsibility to record attendance and importantly follow up on absence
The LA’s ability to issue sanctions, including FPN’s has been restored

How we intend to support you this term

For Autumn Term 2020/21 all schools have been designated an Attendance and Entitlement Officer. Your allocated AEO’s will be available to you at designated times throughout the week for pupil specific consultation and to advise on intervention.  
AEOs will be continuing with the targeted support with regards to those pupils who are classed as vulnerable pupils (those who are open to social care) and will be speaking to you weekly about any of these pupils who are not attending regularly and will advise accordingly. This is a continuation of the principals of VPAL work that the team undertook during lockdown and the second half of the Summer Term. We feel it is important you know which of your pupils are our most vulnerable and it’s important we as a LA know if they are attending so that together we can communicate with the allocated social worker to put a plan around that child to ensure regular attendance.




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