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Key to Success / Get Information about Schools (GIAP)

The Key to Success website allows users/schools to search for and download pupils’ end-of-Key Stage results data and their contextual indicators, including Pupil Premium information, from a DfE National Database.

Using the website

Logging on

To access the Key to Success website you need to log-on to the DfE Secure Access website and then select KeytoSuccess.

Update Autumn 2020 - the DfE have launched Get Information about Pupils (GIAP), available from with DfE Secure Access.  GIAP gives more functionality with searching over the Key to Success resource. 

Each school has a super user who controls access to school users. Unfortunately the LA is unable to assist with log-on problems, but help resources are available by clicking on the ‘Need Help?’ button on the initial log-in page. 


The website contains confidential pupil information. Please ensure you keep your log-on details secure.

Searching for pupils

Click on NPD Pupil Search. You can search individually or do a block UPN search by entering up to 2000 pupil UPNs, either by keying-in individual UPNs, or by copying and pasting from a spreadsheet/Word list. 

Downloading the pupil data

You then have the option to download the details of the pupils you have searched for via Download pupil list, either as a CSV or XLS file which will produce a spreadsheet of pupil data, or an XML file which can be imported into your school MI system. 

Pupil premium

The website also contains a pupil premium section where you can download lists of your pupil premium-eligible pupils (produced once a year by the DfE), or by searching for individual pupils. 

Extra search facilities

As a school user you're limited to searching the database by UPN only. If you're unable to find a match using a UPN, please contact one of the Schools Data team who may be able to search using different criteria:

Please note, the above contacts cannot help with log-in problems with Key to Success. Please follow the log-on instructions above.