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Norfolk schools supporting Norfolk schools (NSSNS) strategy group

The Norfolk Schools Supporting Norfolk Schools (NSSNS) strategy group is a partnership between:

  • Schools with interest and responsibility for system leadership 
  • Norfolk Children’s Services

They who come together to focus on local school improvement issues in a strategic and coordinated way.

All Norfolk teaching school alliances, the Norfolk Primary Headteachers' Association (NPHA) and Norfolk Secondary Education Leaders (NSEL) are represented.

Aim of the group

The NSSNS group aims to develop an efficient and effective system of school-led improvement, that builds:

  • Workforce capacity
  • Raises standards 

This is so:

  • Pupil outcomes are at least good 
  • Every Norfolk child or young person has a place in a good school
  • Young people are skilled
  • Young people are ready to commit to sustaining and growing the Norfolk and national economy, as responsible citizens

The NSSNS strategy group works to ensure that all those they represent in Norfolk’s education system are harnessed towards these common goals. The group works collaboratively towards them with an ambition for success and sustainability.