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Statutory teacher assessment and testing

Question level analysis (QLA)

This year's cancellation of the KS2 tests creates an opportunity for teachers to change the emphasis of the assessment process.

During this period of recovery, teachers can concentrate on the more subtle, stress-free assessment of their pupils during day-to-day teaching and learning to see where progress is being made and what the next steps should be. This approach makes sense where the gaps that have appeared due to months of disrupted formal education will be wider and more diverse than ever before.

BUT - KS2 tests do give an opportunity to use a standardised testing process enabling benchmarking to national averages, right down to each pupil, subject, area of learning and individual question level.

The QLA Tool is provided free-of-charge to all schools.

It will enable:

  • Recording of pupil level marks for each question, in each paper
  • Identify particular questions or areas of learning where responses were high/low compared to national averages
  • Signposting to support for these areas of the curriculum if required
  • Identification of pupils or groups of pupils, by gender, FSM, SEN etc, where responses were high/low compared to national averages
  • Extension for high achievers, or different approach or interventions where required
  • Slice by class in larger schools
  • In groups of schools, can slice by school, then class

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