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Contact the virtual school for looked after children

Key Contacts at the Virtual School

Norfolk Virtual School work alongside education providers to ensure that Norfolk Looked After Children access the best opportunities to reach their full potential. We help with identifying provision and work closely with social care teams, schools and settings ensuring that children and young people are in a productive place of safety, enjoyment and learning.

Leadership Team

The Virtual School aims to be at the forefront of developing best practice in the education of looked after and previously looked after children. With that in mind the leadership team focus on key areas including Early Years, SEN, EAL, UASC, Achievement, Engagement, Post 16 and Previously Looked After Children.


We have a team of advisors that make sure that the children and young people’s educational needs are being met. We have Advisors for the Early years, statutory school age children and Post 16.

Specialist Support Officer

Our specialist support officer works with a target group of young people and provides a bespoke package to ensure that they have every opportunity to achieve their academic potential.

Office-based staff

Our PEP manager co-ordinates the PEPS for more than 1000 Norfolk children. Our Pupil Premium Manager ensures that the Pupil Premium plus funding is administered effectively and links to targets for each individual child. Our Pupil Premium Manager provides support to the whole team and ensures the smooth day to day running of the Virtual School office.

Education Enhancement Co-Ordinator

The LAC Education Enhancement Coordinator provides support with the Post 16 Access to Technology Scheme and coordinates the achievement and enrichment programme.

EHCP Co-ordinator

The Virtual School also has a co located EHCP Co-ordinator who has a remit to coordinate EHCPs for Norfolk Looked After Children up to the age 18.

For all enquiries please contact the Virtual School on 01603 303323 in the first instance.