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Norfolk Schools Wellbeing Webinars

These nationally developed webinars are based on clinical research and have been customised by local experts to address the identified needs of Norfolk schools. They are designed to support settings to develop a whole-school approach in addressing specific concerns related to mental health and emotional wellbeing. Topics covered include bereavement and loss, anxiety, low mood, stress and trauma and warning signs. The webinars also signpost to local and nationally available resources.

Different versions of the webinars are available for Primary schools and for Secondary schools and Colleges.

Access live recordings of the webinars below:

Webinar 1

  1. Neuroscience - understanding learning and growth, wellbeing and resilience
  2. Actions to build resilience and wellbeing
  3. Children and young people - specific learning
  4. Whole school/college implementation
  5. Resources

Webinar 2

  1. Introducing 'social scaffolding'
  2. Bereavement and loss
  3. What to look out for: warning signs
  4. Understanding anxiety, low mood, stress and trauma
  5. Stress and trauma: supporting recovery
  6. Putting it into practice
  7. Resources, links, references and next steps


Secondary and Colleges

Wellbeing for Education Surgery Support Session

Watch the recorded surgery session to:

  • Know how to adapt the staff CPD session and deliver with confidence
  • Learn about the impact of participating in the Link programme and mental health champions
  • Listen to Active Norfolk sharing the evidence of physical activity in improving wellbeing, including ideas to put into practice.

You can access the staff CPD materials here.