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School workforce census

About this census

You will already be aware of the requirements of the annual School Workforce Census day on 2 November 2023.

The census is an annual statutory collection of individual level data on teachers and support staff from local authorities, local-authority-maintained schools, and academies.

Census data should be submitted without delay. The deadline is 1 December 2023.

The local authority has a role in co-ordinating and approving the submission of census data from all maintained schools. As part of this function, returns from maintained schools will be checked for errors or queries and the workforce census team will inform your school of any required actions. Please ensure your data is submitted by Friday 10 November 2023 to allow for this checking process.

The DfE will not authorise submissions unless all queries and errors are resolved.

Academies are responsible for submitting and approving their own census data.

It is possible for schools to resolve errors and queries at source and you can do that by clicking on the "All ERRORS" box in the COLLECT system. This reveals the full list of all errors and queries. Clicking on the box marked "Queries" will only give part of the picture.