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EducationHR Norfolk Supply Register

Available as part of the subscription package 'HR Service A' or as a Supply subscription 'HR Service H' or on an ad hoc, pay as you go basis, the Norfolk Supply Register supports your local authority school or academy, for all your staffing needs, should you have either a late notice requirement or a future planned absence that needs filling.

Norfolk Supply Register currently have over 170 supply teachers registered for supply teaching, with diverse experience and specialisms, including SEND. Comprehensive details of these teachers are held on our web based app:

Norfolk Supply Register at Teacher Booker

HR Service A and HR Service H customers can log in to this system and:

  • Use an intuitive, easy system, which is accessible 24/7
  • Book teachers, all at the click of a few buttons
  • Have an overview of all supply activity in the school or across the Federation or Trust, including expenditure information
  • Receive confirmation that all pre-employment checks are done to enable you to complete your SCR, as per KCSiE requirements
  • Be reassured that teachers on the system will have an EducationHR supply teaching 'Certificate of Registration' for the current academic year.

If you are not a HR Service A or HR Service H customer, please contact us to book a supply teacher on your behalf. NB: There is a charge of £65 + VAT per search. Additionally, we do not charge if the search does not return any teachers. We also do not charge if you take the supply teacher onto a contract.

How to contact us

Opening hours

  • System availability 24/7 - log in from any device
  • 8:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday term time
  • 8.30 - 17:00 during school holidays

Further information regarding the Norfolk Supply Register can be found on our Use of Supply teachers page on InfoSpace.

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