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Carbon Reduction Toolkit

This suite of lessons has been designed for pupils in year 5 & year 6 to support schools in educating pupils about the impact of climate change. In the Primary National Curriculum, climate change does not currently feature. Climate change and the necessity to reduce our global carbon emissions has been widely reported in the media (e.g. the Met Office). In addition, government initiatives such as the creation of a model science curriculum for primary schools to include climate change education (see Education Hub Blog) are demonstrating that this remains a priority for leaders and educators.

Each lesson within this booklet can be taught in isolation, or the suite can be taught as a sequence. The lessons have been designed with a scientific and mathematical focus. Each lesson should take between 60 - 90 minutes to deliver and come with an accompanying pupil workbook.

We would be very grateful if you are able to fill in this short feedback form once you have taught one or more of the lessons. This will help us to improve any resources we create for schools moving forwards.

Carbon reduction lesson plans (PDF) [1MB]

Carbon reduction workbook (PDF) [501KB]