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Early Years Consultative Groups

Key to successful delivery of the high quality early years and childcare provision is for local authorities to achieve a balance in their priorities, the aim being to secure the best possible outcomes for children alongside sufficiency, quality and accessibility of places. Critical to achieving this is a strong partnership between local authorities and providers in all sectors; private, voluntary, independent, schools and childminders, to enable them to assess current issues facing the sector.

The Consultative Groups have been set up to enable representatives from the early years and childcare sector to convey their views to the Local Authority on local policy affecting the sector in Norfolk.

Meetings take place at least termly and in time to inform the Schools' Forum meeting.

Early Years Consultative Group

This group has been successfully running for 12 months. It has provided opportunity for the sector to challenge practice, provide recommendations for early education funding and help the EYC team to develop strategy.

Childminder Consultative Group

This group is part of the Early Years Consultative Group but meets in the evening to enable childminders to participate. With agreement, the intention is to expand the Terms of Reference to include Wraparound and SEND.

Wraparound Consultative Group

This group will help shape our policy for the Wraparound Pathfinder Scheme and options available to families in Norfolk.. The ambition of this scheme is that all primary aged children can access 8am to 6pm childcare provision.

Early Years SEND Consultative Group

This group will support the local authority to identify SEND and Inclusion issues affecting the early years and childcare sectors to support provision of good quality, inclusive places and remove the barriers that prevent children from accessing their early years entitlement or childcare provision.

Your views count!

If you wish to make any comments, have any queries, wish to express an interest to join, or would like to suggest future agenda items, please email