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Health, safety & wellbeing

We continue to operate in a pandemic, however, thanks to the success of the vaccine programme and the development of treatments we are no longer operating in a public health emergency and we can start to deal with Coronavirus in the same way as other respiratory viruses. The guidance provided on these pages reflect the various different UKHSA and DfE guidance documents that are relevant.

We expect all local authority maintained schools to use the following documents. Schools that are not maintained by the local authority may use them for help and guidance, if they wish.

For local authority maintained schools and schools that purchases local authority health and safety services these documents supplement the core health and safety documentation provided via Infospace.

The documents provided below have been made freely available to all educational settings by the NCC Health, Safety and Wellbeing team to support the transition to living with COVID-19 . They will remain on these pages for a time limited period when they will be transferred to Infospace for controlled access only. If you do not currently purchase health and safety services and would like to continue to access this support please contact

Core Guidance

Specialist Guidance

Guidance to apply in an Outbreak

(when advised by Public Health)