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Early years Norfolk Education Online (NEO) account

In Norfolk, an online system known as the 'provider portal' is used to collect data from providers offering childcare provision.

The data collected supports the local authority to meet its statutory duty to:

  • Secure sufficient childcare for working parents
  • Secure early years provision free of charge
  • Provide information, advice and assistance to parents and prospective parents
  • Provide information, advice and training to childcare providers
  • Collate and submit data to the Department for Education

The system will also be used by providers to check eligibility for the 30-hour funded entitlement, and to inform the local authority regarding claims for:

The portal is split into sections called modules. Access to these will depend on the childcare provision offered and whether a funding agreement has been signed by a local authority officer.

  • Funding to claim the early education entitlement and EYPP
  • Forms to provide the local authority with information to meet legislative requirements
  • Staff to maintain records for training, qualifications and communication
  • Course to book staff on courses, events and briefing session attendance
  • Sufficiency provides childcare place numbers and vacancy information to the local authority
  • Ofsted to view your registration details

Using the provider portal

Go to the provider portal to log inYou'll need a username and password to use the provider portal.

Call 01603 222300 – 2 or 3 for help or download this guide on how to login to the provider portal.

More guidance is available via the Norfolk early years and childcare website on the Resource webpage.

Updating your information

Download this guide to updating your information.