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Forms and leaflets

Transitions forms - updated for Covid recovery

The Early Years Achievement Service has updated some Transitions Audit documents for use during Covid recovery:

Transitions forms

Transitions forms for transferring a child from pre-school to school are available to download below.

These documents are optional, and settings may use their own versions if they prefer. The forms are available as Word documents and each section can be expanded if completed electronically. The 'prompts' document contains some ideas for completing the first page, but the most important thing is to paint an accurate picture of the child, with input from those who know the child best, taking into account the child's own views. If you have completed a one-page profile for a child, then it is good practice to include this with any transfer documents.

Transitions leaflets

Below are some downloadable leaflets to help support the various transitions that children may experience in the EYFS.  Please note that due to Covid-19, some of the practices described in the leaflets may not be possible.  Settings and schools must prioritise health, safety and hygiene requirements at all times.