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Early Years Transitions

Supporting Transition and Inclusion Record (STAIR)


The Early Years Learning and Inclusion Service has worked with partners to coproduce a record to support children’s transitions. The STAIR has been designed to enable smooth transitions, which recognise children’s emotional needs, what help they might need and to capture each child’s uniqueness.

The STAIR is optional, and settings may use their own versions if they prefer. The STAIR is in 8 short sections. Privacy Notice, Child Details, Transition Information, Developmental Progress and Contact Details should be completed for every child. Learning and Inclusion Needs, Professional Involvement and Plans should be completed where additional information would be useful in making adjustments to ensure transition is successful. When sharing the STAIR for children with additional needs you should also attach any relevant plans, reports or letters from professionals.

The most important thing is to paint an accurate picture of the child, taking into account the child's own views. The STAIR should be completed in conversation with parents/carers and shared with consent, in line with your setting’s information sharing policy.

A copy of the STAIR will be emailed to you. You can also include email addresses for parents/carers and the onward setting to have a copy sent to them automatically. Alternatively, the STAIR can be printed and delivered by hand or forwarded via email.

The STAIR online form can be completed using this link 



Ideas, information and resources to support practitioners, families and children with transitions in the Early Years. This includes the STAIR, publications, videos to share with families, research and book recommendations.

EYFS Transitions in Norfolk (

Transitions leaflets

Below are some downloadable leaflets to help support the various transitions that children may experience in the EYFS.  Please note that due to Covid-19, some of the practices described in the leaflets may not be possible.  Settings and schools must prioritise health, safety and hygiene requirements at all times.