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Home education

The duties of headteachers and head of services

On receiving written notification from the parents of their decision to home educate their child, the child’s name must be deleted from the register of the school or service.

Under Section 13(3) of the Education (Pupil Registration) Regulations 1995:

  • Headteachers are required to inform the local authority, providing details of the child's full name and address, within ten days of receiving the parent’s written decision to educate their child otherwise than at school
  • Headteachers and head of services are required to complete the SHE referral form. They must send this, along with the written communication from the parent, requesting home education to the SHE team

The exception to this is if the child is on the roll of a special school. In this case, permission for parents to home educate must be given by the local authority.

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