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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

SEND Local Offer

SEND information, guidance, resources and services

Norfolk Autism Acceptance Week 2023

Resources to support schools in raising awareness and acceptance of autism.

SEND policies and strategies

Includes Norfolk Area SEND Strategy, SEND Written Statement of Action and SEND transformation programme (NCC website)

Support for learning

Information and guidance on the SEN Support process and EHC plans (NCC website)

Provision we expect at SEN support (PEaSS)

The SEN support we expect all places of learning to offer (NCC website)

SEN information report

Schools must publish detailed information about their SEND provision (NCC website)

Engagement and participation resources

Guidance on planning services and co-production resources

Accessibility resources

Accessibility audit toolkit, strategy and resources

Identification of need and inclusive provision

SEND tools to improve support for mainstream schools in managing their provision for children with additional needs

SENCo guide

Helping you easily find all the resources and information you need to plan ahead, identify needs, access advice, training and funding, and manage issues as they arise.

Unregulated alternative provision templates

Word documents to provide guidance, checks, etc to schools and commissioners.

SEND forum for SEND professionals

Norfolk forum for professionals working with children and young people with SEND (NCC website)

SEND funding

High needs SEN funding information and guidance

SEND support services

Services that provide SEND guidance and support to education providers. Includes health support services

SEND provision services

Educational services that can support and help children and young people with SEND

SEND transition resources

Guides, resources and further information

Whole School SEND resources

Condition-specific videos for teachers, and guides to support settings and SENDCOs in their role (external website)

Useful documents for annual reviews

Forms, templates, etc to support EHC plan annual reviews (NCC website)