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Managed moves scheme

Norfolk’s managed move scheme was developed and agreed with Educate Norfolk (Primary and Secondary).

The scheme requires schools to set up managed moves with advice from the Fair Access Team who can advise on the next four nearest schools or all schools within statutory walking distance.

Transport will be provided by the local authority to support the managed move where the new school is over the statutory transport distance. All transport requests must be made to the Fair Access Team.

The Fair Access Team will also maintain information on managed moves (in and out) to ensure no school is required to admit a disproportionate number of pupils with challenging behaviour and that all schools support the scheme.

At secondary level managed moves can also be referred to the Fair Access Panels.

In the files list below you'll find the documents to be used to support the scheme:

  • Flowchart outlining how the process should work
  • Agreement to be used to set up a managed move
  • Letter to be given to parents when a managed move is agreed
  • Further information on the scheme