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PATHS programme

Details of the programme supporting pupils to develop social and emotional skills

The PATHS® programme is an evidence-based, social and emotional programme for all pupils aged five to 11.

It supports pupils to develop social and emotional skills (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, responsible decision making and relationship skills).

The PATHS® programme includes a structured curriculum, support for children to apply skills to new contexts and extend learning to the home environment.

Schools are supported to develop a whole school approach through:

  • Structured curriculum with regular support from a PATHS® Coach
  • Training for all staff and support for lunchtime staff
  • Parent and carer engagement
  • Support to evaluate the impact on pupils

The PATHS® programme is being delivered in 130 Norfolk primary schools supporting more than 24,000 pupils.

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Programme impact

Impact of the PATHS® programme within 10 months (September 2018 to June 2019):

  • 23.3% to 30.9% improvement in social and emotional competence
  • 17.3% to 20% improvement in pro-social skills
  • 15% improvement in concentration and attention

Programme feedback

Views from school staff

  • "The PATHS® programme has really helped the self-esteem of my pupils. It has enabled them to think about what they are good at." 
  • "Children are using kinder language towards one another." 
  • "It has given children tools for calming down. It has changed their attitudes and manners in the classroom." 
  • "Problem solving skills: really seen a difference. The children are more resilient which means they can complete more tasks independently." 
  • "MSAs have reported that children are solving their own problems more at playtime." 
  • "Given strategies to have continuity across the school in behaviour management."

Ofsted comment

"The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding. Pupils’ excellent behaviour and relationships with others have a positive impact on their learning and progress.

"Adults prioritise pupils’ personal and emotional well-being because they know that pupils’ welfare underpins their academic achievements." 

What children say

  • "Compliments: makes you feel good about yourself" 
  • "‘Turtle’ helped me when my friend said they didn’t want to play with me" 
  • "You can settle disputes yourself: stop and calm down"
  • "I do ‘Turtle’ quite a lot when I’m jealous or upset"

Responses from parents and carers

  • "My children have acknowledged that it is a good thing to talk about their feelings. Keeping an open dialogue at home and school is very important and increasing their emotional vocabulary really helps." 
  • "My son has grown in confidence and definitely talks more at home about difficult situations and feelings at school and with peers." 

PATHS® is a trademark of PATHS Program Holding LLC

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