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Safeguarding training

Summary of required training

All staff

Every member of staff must complete whole school staff training Group A annually.

There are additional training requirements for people in these roles:

Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs)

  • Safeguarding in education Designated Safeguarding Lead training – updated every two years
  • Family Support Process training – at least one DSL per setting, refreshed every two years
  • Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership (NSCP) Multi-Agency training – once every three years


  • As DSLs, headteachers must complete the required DSL training, summarised above
  • Safer recruitment training – every 5 years


  • Safeguarding for governors – at induction and then at regular intervals
  • Safer recruitment training – every 5 years

About the training courses

Whole school staff training - group A

We provide training resources on My School for DSLs to help them fulfil the requirement to provide safeguarding training to all school and college staff. DSLs should complete this training at least annually.

Once you have logged in to My School, select 'Staff' then 'Safeguarding – whole school training'. You will find Powerpoint presentations and clear guidance along with evaluations for staff to complete. If you have problems logging in, please contact ICT Solutions.

Safeguarding in education - Designated Safeguarding Lead training

This training provides DSL’s with the knowledge and skills required to carry out the role. The training should be updated every two years.

The initial course is two days and DSLs should attend a half-day refresher every two years. You can book these courses booked through the S4S website.

Early Help Assessment and Planning (EHAP) (formerly Family Support Process (FSP)) training

At least one DSL per setting should undertake EHAP training. We recommend a refresher course every two years. Get more information and booking details on the Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership (NSCP) website.

Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership (NSCP) multi-agency training

Multi-agency courses are organised by NSCP. DSLs must be trained to the same standard to comply with local training requirements. This means all DSLs should attend a multi-agency course once every 3 years. Book through the S4S website and use the search keyword 'multiagency'.

Safer Recruitment training

Headteachers and governors should complete this training every 5 years. Book this course through the S4S website by searching for 'safer recruitment', or through the NSPCC website.

Safeguarding for governors training

This training is required as part of the induction process and at regular intervals for school governors. Book training through Training for governors and trustees, or GovernorHub for subscribing schools.

Safeguarding updates

In addition to regular training, DSLs and school staff must receive safeguarding updates at least annually, via emails, e-bulletins and staff meetings. This is to provide them with relevant skills and knowledge to safeguard children effectively.

We recommended that DSLs check eCourier weekly and share relevant safeguarding information with staff.

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