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Critical incidents in Early Years settings

Early Years settings are able to access support in case of a Critical Incident, just like schools can.

Call the Critical Support Line on 07623 912974, Monday to Friday 8am– 6pm only.

Out of hours, the Emergency Duty team will take calls for serious incidents only.

The Critical Incident Line is a contact number for settings to use when a traumatic or tragic event has occurred. A critical incident may be the unexpected death of a child or an adult closely associated with the school. Equally, it may be an event causing injuries which result in temporary or long-term disablement. An example of this might be a noxious chemical leak or a serious road traffic accident.

Non-urgent advice

If you would like some non-urgent advice about a parental death or a general bereavement issue, you can phone the Critical Incident Lead Officer on her office number on 01263 739064, mobile 07887832413 or email

Please see the Red book for further information and procedures.

The EY Red Book is adapted specifically for the needs of young children and contains procedures, advice and sample letters that may be used in the event of a critical incident.

Training for Early Years Settings is also available. We offer two courses, supporting young children who are bereaved, and managing Critical Incidents in Early Years Settings. Please refer to the Early Years Training Department for further details.

To access the Red Book, as well as further information, register on our website and then log in.