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Sources of school performance data - DfE Secure Access

Contains a suite of DfE school information websites:

  • ASP - Analyse School Performance and Inspection Dashboards (IDSRs)
  • Collect – for submitting school & pupil census returns to DfE
  • Key to Success – for searching missing pupil details – Key Stage results, previous Census details and Pupil Premium information
  • Get Information about Pupils – GIAP (gradually replacing Key to Success - with more functionality)
  • Get Information about Schools – GIAS (formerly known as Edubase)

(You can view GIAS without logging in to Secure Access but to AMEND any school details you need to be logged in)

Operated by the DfE.  Available at: 

Administrator functions

  • One user in the school has the Secure Access Administrator rights 
  • Historically this has been a member of the support staff involved in submitting the School & Pupil Census returns to the DfE
  • The Administrator can set up/lock/unlock/amend/delete Secure Access user accounts for the school. 
  • Operated by the DfE

(If the school Secure Access Administrator leave the the school you must ensure they transfer the account details to an existing staff member)