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Active Norfolk

Supporting schools to make the most of physical activity to maximise outcomes for students

Building children and young people's enjoyment and appreciation of physical activity early in life can help them develop healthy habits that will set them on track to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Active Norfolk has a dedicated Children and Young Person's team that works with schools and early years settings to improve outcomes for pupils using sport and physical activity.

Their work includes raising awareness about the benefits of physical activity for young people, providing practical resources to increase physical activity in schools, and providing impartial support and advice for primary schools to make best use of government funding.

Find out more about their work in the following areas:

  • Physical activity in schools. Access free e-learning modules and other resources designed to help school staff understand the mental and physical benefits to students of being active during the school day. 
  • Coaches guide. Coaches can provide invaluable support to the delivery of physical education. This guide walks you through the necessary steps from needs analysis and skills mapping, through to contract management.
  • Governors guide. A resource for school governors to help them understand the PE and Sport Premium funding, the opportunities open to schools, and their role in maximising the use of the funding.
  • PE and Sport Premium. Find out information about the funding, what it can be used for, and request free training for primary school governors.
  • Children's health and wellbeing. Find out how physical activity contributes to children's health and wellbeing, including information on recommended activity levels.
  • (Virtual) Norfolk School Games. Find out how your school can get involved in Norfolk's largest school sport event.

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