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PATHS® programme

PATHS® programme overview

Whether you are an existing PATHS® school or not, we have an offer of fully funded support for you!

Now more than ever we need to focus on social and emotional learning. Supporting children's social and emotional skills - their ability to recognise and manage their emotions, to build relationships with peers and adults - will play a vital role in their recovery from the pandemic. Creating a nurturing environment that cultivates empathy, resilience and connection helps children to thrive.

What is the PATHS® programme?

The PATHS® programme is an evidence-based, social, and emotional programme for primary aged pupils. supports pupils to develop social and emotional skills (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, responsible decision making and relationship skills). Over 130 Norfolk primary schools have engaged with the PATHS® programme, supporting more than 24,000 pupils.

What are the benefits?

Within 10 months of delivering PATHS® schools experienced:

  • 23.3% to 30.9% improvement in social and emotional competence
  • 17.3% to 20% improvement in pro-social skills
  • 15% improvement in concentration and attention

The following is some feedback we have received about the programme.

School staff:

  • Problem solving skills - really seen a difference. The children are more resilient which means they can complete more tasks independently.
  • Given strategies to have continuity across the school in behaviour management.
  • MSAs have reported that children are solving their own problems more at playtime.


  • Adults prioritise pupils' personal and emotional well-being because they know that pupils' welfare underpins their academic achievements.


  • You can settle disputes yourself: stop and calm down.

Parents and carers:

  • My children have acknowledged that it is a good thing to talk about their feelings. Keeping an open dialogue at home and school is very important and increasing their emotional vocabulary really helps.

Are you interested in becoming a PATHS® school?

We can provide a fully funded programme of training and support. If you would like more information or are interested, please email