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Norfolk Steps

Norfolk Steps overview

Championing Inclusion

The Norfolk Steps team provides training and resources to schools and settings to support early intervention and prevention through a whole-school or setting approach, including managing behaviours that challenge or harm.

Our specialist Norfolk Steps team has extensive Inclusion and SEND experience and an established reputation for providing inspirational training and knowledgeable, supportive guidance. Norfolk Steps works closely with other services to champion inclusion.

Norfolk Steps has been supporting schools to promote positive behaviour through evidence-based principles for almost 13 years through Step On and Step Up.

Step On is based on sound evidence-based principles which promote positive behaviour strategies such as consistency, de-escalation, behaviour analysis and differentiated planning. This programme also provides guidance and practical advice to develop an understanding of the safe and effective use of everyday physical interventions.

Step Up focuses on the safe and effective use of restrictive physical intervention within current legislative frameworks.

Steps consultancy

The Steps team are experienced in supporting settings and organisations in a wide range of behaviour related issues. We offer bespoke consultancy to schools and services to support early intervention and to manage complex or challenging behaviour.

See Frequently Asked Questions for more information on the new Norfolk Steps programme, how it can make a difference in your schools, cost and time commitment.

I have a question

Norfolk Steps is provided on a national basis. If you are a school, MAT or Local Authority outside of Norfolk we would be pleased to provide you with a bespoke quotation to access our highly rated Steps programme. Please contact us so we can best understand your needs and provide a quotation.

If you have any additional questions, you can speak to a member of the Norfolk Steps team by contacting us at: