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Other funding for early years providers

Early years additional funding support

There are a number of funding sources available to childcare providers in Norfolk who have signed the Local Agreement to offer the Early Education entitlement.To apply for this funding, it will be necessary to comply with specific criteria.

COVID-19 Sustainability

This funding is available to support providers where short-term financial support is required due to the COVID-19.  Please email to request an application form.

Childcare Funding

The purpose of this funding is to support the Local Authority to improve outcomes for children and meet its childcare sufficiency duty by assisting in the costs to provide high quality affordable childcare in Norfolk.

The type of funding available is –

PVI Sector

  • Start Up (up to £10,000)
    Contributes towards the cost of opening a new provision

  • Childcare Development (up to £10,000)
    Contributes towards expand an existing childcare business

  • Sustainability (up to £10,000)
    Provides short- or long-term financial help where a financial loss has occurred or is anticipated

  • Quality and Inclusion (up to £5,000)
    Contributes towards the purchase of resources and equipment

  • Smarter Working (up to £500)
    Contributes towards the purchase of software to enhance teaching and learning for children

To apply for any of these grants, please submit an expression of interest form via email to


When an expression of interest is received either an application form will be returned for completion or a Zoom session will be arranged to discuss your enquiry and possible application.

When an application is received, applicants are reminded that –

  • there is no guarantee that funding will be awarded by the panel
  • the funding is revenue and cannot be used for capital works
  • panel may award funding with conditions
  • where an award is agreed, a contract will be issued
  • the payment of an award will not be actioned without the return of a signed contract

Specialist Equipment

This funding is available to help providers meet their legal obligations to make reasonable adjustments in their provision to support children with disability.  Download the application form for more details.

SEN Funding

This funding is available to support providers to meet the identified need of children that is “additional to and different from”.  There are four sources of funding –

  • SEND Inclusion Fund (SENIF)
  • 2-year-old early education
  • EHCP (issued or agreed)
  • Exceptional

More detailed information can be found on our SEND Funding webpage.

Disability Access Fund (DAF)

This fund is available to early years providers to support children with special educational needs and disability (SEND) by removing barriers which prevent children from accessing their free early education entitlement.

To claim this funding, a child must meet certain national criteria. Providers can claim the funding once the parent/carer has nominated them as the main provider of their child’s early education entitlement, and demonstrated their child is in receipt of Disability Living Allowance.

To claim funding an application form must be completed by the parent/carer.

Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)

This premium is additional funding to enhance the experience of the child by improving the teaching and learning, facilities, and/or resources, so that there is a positive impact to their progress and development.  More detailed information can be found on our EYPP webpage.

Early Education Funding

This funding is available to all early year’s providers that meet the statutory guidance for Early Education funding issued by the Department for Education (DfE) and have a local authority funding agreement in place.  It is claimed on behalf of parent/carers for their free childcare entitlement.

Other funding opportunities and information


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