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School & Community Teams

Transition Offer Summer 2024

School and Community Teams will be supporting parents, parent carers and their children who receive low and emerging rates of SEND inclusion funding. The teams will work alongside education settings and families in supporting children's moves from Early Years to Primary school. This support is targeted, so that support is given in the right way, at the right time.

Support offer

1.    Advice and guidance

Our Education & Family Workers can meet with parents/parent carers and children at their Early Years setting. They will be able to explore learning needs, offer support and link to services and on-line resources for the family to access, with the aim of supporting children to successfully move onto school. This may include assisting with the offer of accessing parenting support support groups delivered by our School and Community Teams which covers advice, guidance and practical steps to enable children to be school-ready.

On-line bitesize workshops include:

  • Practical advice embedding new routines: this session focuses on aspects of transition routines, including lunch, toileting and their school day.
  • Understanding key aspects of Early Years curriculum: this session covers the statutory frameworks in their reception class, and key aspects of the curriculum such as Phonics & Numbers.

To find out more or to register interest, text 07860 041627.

2.    Transition Group - preparing for school:

Support is available through access to 'Parents as Early Education Partners' (PEEP) group sessions for parents, parent carers and their children. These face-to-face sessions are run across the county and cover a wide range of relevant topics, including:

  • Children's personal and social development
  • The importance of play and relationships
  • Supporting behaviour through effective routines,
  • Supporting children to understand their emotions and feelings
  • Use of modelling an opportunity, recognition, and interaction approach to supporting learning

If, when attending a group, additional 1:1 support is identified as being needed, a request can be completed with families alongside the group facilitator during the group sessions.

To find out more or to register interest, you can text 07860 041627.

3.     1:1 Transition plans

These are co-developed with Early Years settings, parents/parent carers, and children to support those with a higher level of need. These plans will be personalised to assist children successfully moving onto school. This support can begin during the summer term and progress through the summer holidays, as children prepare to join their new school in September.


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