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School & Community Teams

What is the impact?

The impact of school and community team support is gathered from feedback we get from children, parents/carers and their education providers on the difference that has been made. These are used to inform on-going service development. The difference made so far includes supporting children to successfully transition into and remain in school, enabling children to access their learning including improved attendance and attainment. We share examples of good practice with families and education providers where this is helpful. Examples of responses received by school and community teams so far  


"The new team that has been brought in has really helped us as a family and this is what families need especially SEN families" (Parent).

"Children talked about the session positively.  Positive comments from parents who have come away with practical resources. We've extended what we are doing in class and found some new skills to transfer into class" (Teacher)

  "Thank you to you and the team for working with 'T' and his mum over the summer holidays. 'T' had a wobbly first day but I spoke to mum this morning and she's delighted that 'T' has been coming into school over the past two days with a smile on his face, happy to see his teacher. He has settled into the environment very quickly."   (SENDCO)

"The family has been well supported and Jade has ensured consistency across home and school. The young person has a better understanding of their emotions and how to voice/manage them. Visual aids have been created and have been successful for the family & school as a whole" (SENDCO)

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