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School & Community Teams

May 2024 update

The School and Community teams (SCTs) offer support to education settings and families with a focus on inclusion, early help, and prevention. The SCTs work as part of the countywide SEND Local Offer within Norfolk's Local First Inclusion programme (LFI).

The teams were launched in September 2023 to support the ambition for all children and young people in Norfolk to Flourish.

Since September 2023, teams have started working with children and young people, families, teachers, and services within Norfolk to ensure that support is provided for children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND). By coordinating efforts with multiple stakeholders, these teams strive to support inclusive learning environments where children can thrive and reach their full potential.  

The SCTs are focused on providing support to children who have been identified by a professional as having emerging needs. These needs may not currently necessitate an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP), but without support, they could potentially escalate to the point of requiring one. The SCTs can provide support for needs relating to social, emotional and mental health, cognition and learning, physical and sensory, and communication and interaction.

The SCTs are an additional resource in Norfolk who can play a supportive role to the work you do with children and their families. This will help improve outcomes for children with SEND, ensuring they receive the early support they need to thrive in their setting and as they move into primary school.

The SCTs offer support to education settings and families with a focus on inclusion, early help, and prevention. The teams provide interventions, including group-based and individual support packages for children and their parent/carers, alongside early years settings and schools.  Early years providers and schools can complete an online request for support through Family Hub and learn more about the Family Hub approach

The teams work across Norfolk in 15 zones (geographical locations) that cover the whole of the county. Each zone has a manager and a team of Education and Family workers.   

You can find out which zone your setting is in by using  school finder and searching for your local primary school, which will tell you your school and community zone.  You can then find the contact details of your local team here.

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