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GRT Graduated Offer of Support - New fully-funded GRT training! Book early and secure your places for next academic year now!

FAO: All staff, SLT; Governors; GRT champions; Pastoral Leads; Behaviour Leads; SENCOs; Teachers; TAs, 8 July 2024 11:26
For Staff

The Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT) Graduated Offer of Support is a revised programme of support, ensuring Norfolk schools and settings are well positioned to enable all children and young people to Flourish.

What is the new GRT Graduated Offer of Support?

The Gypsy Roma Traveller graduated offer of fully-funded support is a comprehensive and flexible programme, providing schools and settings with the guidance and tools to meet the needs of GRT children and young people (CYP). The offer is based on three levels of support: universal, targeted, and enhanced. Each level corresponds to the degree of need and intervention required for GRT CYP, from initial assessment and induction to more intensive and specialist support, within a whole-school approach.


Coming soon!

From next academic year, the website will be your one-stop shop for to access a range of high-quality and fully funded CPD and resources that support the implementation of the GRT Graduated Offer of Support. The website will feature:

  • One-minute guides: Signposting to nationally available, accredited CPD and resources that secure compliance with key guidance and legislation.
  • Information on whole-school, evidence-based awards: Recognition and celebration of schools that demonstrate good practice and commitment to supporting GRT CYP, such as the Young Interpreters Scheme and the School of Sanctuary award.
  • Bite-sized briefings: Providing timely and relevant information and tips on topics such as settling GRT CYP into new schools, celebrating diversity and inclusion, and engaging with parents and communities.
  • Self-serve resources: Include practical and user-friendly tools that help schools to audit, plan, and deliver effective provision for GRT CYP, such as the thematic toolkit, the welcome pack, and self-serve digital CPD modules.

Save the date and book your places now!

Our Locally delivered in-person CPD: Contextualised and tailored training sessions for new to role (GRT Now!) and established GRT Champions (GRT Next!), delivered by a GRT Adviser, covering topics such as pedagogy, assessment, and differentiation.

GRT Now will help you:

  • Understand relevant guidance and legislation that schools need to be compliant with, and practical approaches to meet the demands effectively
  • Secure a whole-school culture to ensure GRT children, young people and their families feel welcome, safe and included
  • Identify key challenges and have practical approaches, that are realistically achievable within your school context.
  • Audit current provision and develop a whole-school approach action plan that enables you to measure progress and evidence impact.
  • Use evidence-based assessment, teaching and learning strategies with consistency across your school.

GRT Next will help you:

  • Use evidence-based assessment, teaching and learning strategies with consistency across your school
  • Make the most of your learning assistants by providing them with clear guidance, feedback and professional development
  • Conduct a learning walk to identify strengths and areas for improvement in your GRT provision
  • Use data and observations to track the progress and needs of your GRT learners and plan appropriate support
  • Design and deliver effective interventions to address gaps in academic and social needs
  • Engage with families and communities to support GRT CYP academic and social development
  • Be able to lead a staff inset session
  • Work towards schemes that build the school culture, and have been recognised by Ofsted including Young Interpreters and Schools of Sanctuary

Find out more, access the universal offer and book your places by following the course links above, or email queries to


The targeted support will:

  • Provide an opportunity to discuss individual and cohort GRT needs in your setting with an GRT Adviser to ensure needs-led provision is being identified and effectively embedded.
  • Enable schools to access GRT cohort advice and guidance so GRT children and young people to experience successful transitions, whether a planned phase transition, mid-term or to support with alternative provision pathways.

To request support with transitions, email


The enhanced support will provide schools and settings with more in-depth and tailored assistance for GRT children and young people with additional needs. This includes:

  • Assessments - helping schools accurately identify needs and plan for positive behaviours and outcomes.
  • Support surgeries - providing needs led advice and guidance when you need it the most
  • EHAPS/ CIN - providing relevant, professional guidance to meet GRT specific needs
  • Supporting with children and young people who present with behaviours that challenge to identify needs and plan provision at pivotal times including reintegration meetings, managed moves and risk of permanent exclusion.

To request support with any of the above or for additional queries, email

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