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Supporting schools to take learning outside the classroom

Managing outdoor learning, adventurous activities and social distancing on school grounds in England

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Guidance on supporting the behaviour of pupils returning from long term absence

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The return to school for increasing numbers of learners and teachers is an opportunity to demonstrate the possibilities that outdoor learning can provide. As part of a suite of resources made freely available by Norfolk County Council in response to the restrictions surrounding Covid-19, this document aims to support teachers in making the best and safest possible use of their outdoor spaces.

Managing outdoor learning PE and social distancing

Activity ideas for supporting young children to become fully engaged learners as they re-enter school

We have put together some activity ideas to support teachers working with children in the EYFS and in Y1, although they can also be adapted for older children. The ideas are for exploration indoors and outdoors, and are a mixture of calm and more lively activities that promote well-being, socialisation and collaboration with others. They take account of and explore key themes relating to social distancing and hygiene guidelines, whilst giving opportunities for teaching and learning across the 7 areas of the EYFS as well as the NC expectations for Year 1.

These activities have been endorsed by the Norfolk County Council Health, Safety and Well-being Team and we hope that they provide support for those who do not usually teach young children as well as giving additional ideas for those who do. We hope you find them useful.

Activity Ideas for Young Children