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ECT Induction support (formerly NQT)

Norfolk Appropriate Body

Norfolk Appropriate Body (NAB) is the largest, most experienced local Appropriate Body. We continue to provide schools and Early Career Teachers (ECTs) with a robust programme of support, advice and guidance.

Our scheme is underpinned by our drive to recruit and retain the best teachers. We ensure compliance of the statutory regulations so all ECTs receive a personalised programme of support to give them the best start.

Our support package includes:

  1. Quality assurance
    1. Monitoring of support
    2. Monitoring of assessment
    3. Fidelity checking of the Early Career Framework (ECF)
  2. Support, advice and guidance
    1. Essential training for Mentors and Induction Tutors
    2. Handbooks, welcome packs
    3. Resources
  3. Additional support for vulnerable ECTs
    1. Mediation
    2. Support and advice

Registering your ECT with NAB

All schools or institutions using NAB should register their newly appointed Early Career Teachers on our electronic on-line system, ECT Manager. ECT Manager is a paperless, online system for recording data securely, submitting assessments, accessing resources, raising alerts and managing ECTs during induction. ECT Induction Tutors and headteachers can access the system via

How to purchase services

From September 2021 schools are charged £600 for each Early Career Teacher.  This charge covers both years. Where contracts differ, schools will be charged pro rata. This gives the school and ECT access to our complete support package.

Before you register your ECT, please check the following:

  • The ECT has Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and is eligible to start induction
  • The ECT's name and date of birth
  • The ECT's post is a suitable post in accordance with statutory guidance
  • Details of Early Careers Framework programme of delivery; Full, Core or School Based

Please contact the team if you have any further questions:

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